1. Anonymous said: From Naga :) Still mustering up the courage to send hihi

    Send them before the next sem starts, so that we could shoot this sembreak. :)


  2. Anonymous said: want to have a shoot with you but I am awkward and shy and might gave you a hard time but I really love your work :)

    Tara! Are you in mnl also? Or from naga? If youre in manila let’s have a shoot tomorrow! I’ll be leaving on monday already. Send me your polaroid shots beybeh

  3. Julia Back to the 90s

  4. Julia


  5. Anonymous said: I want to have a shoot with you but I'm really shy :|

    don’t be shy. send me your portfolio at paul.echano@gmail.com, I’m just one click away :) 

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  9. sushi

  10. Jenn

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  13. Anonymous said: request po more pix ni poms

    Di na kami nagkikita ngayon eh busy na sa course namin. Gusto mo more selfies ko na lang? Yes yes? Haha


  14. Anonymous said: pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    Huwaaat? :)


  15. Anonymous said: ang galing mo talaga woooo idol!

    Salamat po!